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Re: '71 squareback clock repair

Mine is still alive after 27 years. The truth is there was a problem a
couple of months ago  but I had no time to get to it then. In spite of [ 
or due to :) ] this fact, things came back to normal without any 
intervention. I'm sure that the cleaning is needed but I prefer not to
trouble any trouble until it troubles me. As for accuracy (or should I
say, inaccuracy), I think the main reason is the temperature sensitivity
already mentioned earlier. Anyway, you can use the +/- regulator on the
back panel for tuning.  

Yevgheny (Haifa, Israel).
'70 Notch.

On Fri, 16 May 1997 HP2BSQ@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 97-05-16 07:46:28 EDT, you write:
> << JK wrote:
>  > 
>  > My clock seems not to be working anymore. Do you have any idea how do I
>  > repair it? By chaning the fuse? I would like to hear out your tips!
>  Great Question! Does ANYONE have a working clock? If there's a way to 
>  fix it, I'd really love to know, too! :) My husband is about to take the 
>  guts out of a Rabbit clock and try sticking them behind the SB's 
>  faceplate. Anyone have a great answer for this one? :) -T
>   >>
> Not too brag, but my original clock is still 'ticking' away, although it
> seems to lose about 10 minutes per week!! (Maybe its way of telling me it
> wants to be cleaned!!)
> just my $.02   :)
> Dan Dockery
> HP2BSQ@aol.com
> ' 71 TIII Squareback
> Limerick, PA

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