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Re: '71 squareback clock repair

On 16-May-97, EF0JPB1@mvs.cso.niu.edu wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 01:14:42 -0400 (EDT)
>> From: JK <jsk2649@OSFMAIL.ISC.RIT.EDU>
>> Subject: '71 squareback clock repair
>> To: type 3 groupmail <type-3@UMICH.EDU>

>> My clock seems not to be working anymore. Do you have any idea how do I
>> repair it? By chaning the fuse? I would like to hear out your tips!

>I finished typing the want ads for the Old Bus Review earlier
>this week.  Included is the following ad:

>     VW clock cleaning & repair, $30 per clock, includes
>     return postage.  Barb and Eric, (360) 754-6174.

>Generally I don't give out Old Bus Review ads until after
>the publication hits the snail mail.  I know, however, that
>this ad has run before and I suspect Barb and Eric won't mind
>some business sent their way.

>-Jim Bryant


Before you go pulling it to pieces, try something simple - With any electric
clock, if power supply has been disconnected, the clock has to be started
again once power is restored, first check that you do have a live supply going
to the clock and the earth terminal is earthed, if this okay, try pulling the
knob out and letting it flick back in then if still not working turn the hands
clockwise. If none of this works then take it to be repaired. Andy Oz T3

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