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Re: Clear coat for polished aluminum.

Toby Erkson wrote:
> Clear coat an engine case???  Peee-yew!
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> Subject: Re: Clear coat for polished aluminum.
> Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
> Date:    5/19/97 3:43 PM
> ...
> Also give Restomotive a look. They have a product called 'Crystal
> Topcoat' designed to go on metals you regularly wouldn't paint like
> aluminum, magnesium (your engine case), copper, brass, fiberglass, etc.
> A quart sells for US$27.00 and covers 120 sq. feet.
> Restomotive, a division of POR-15
> (800) 457-6715
> I've used their POR-15 anti-rust paint with excellent results.
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I work for the company that manufactures Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. 
When we export units, we clearcoat the tranny case and engine against
salt during the ocean journey.

There is also a protective coating called KATS coating (also known as
UL3000) for chrome finishes (e.g. bumpers) which we use for ocean
freight.  This prevents the birth of rust spots on the chrome surface
over the life of the chassis.  KATs coating is a thick coating, and we
use another solvent to remove the coating upon arrival of the
end-destination to restore the bright finish of the chrome.

They work pretty well.

71 F.I. Auto Fastback

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