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Re: Clear coat for polished aluminum.

Jason Renville wrote:
> A while back we were on a thread about Keeping polished aluminum wheels
> looking good.  I was looking through my Eastwood catalog and found
> something called "Nyalic".  I claims to protect polished aluminum from
> corrosion.  Just polish and spray this stuff on.  It also claims not to
> yellow or peel like many clear spray paints.  I don't know if it works
> but I am going to try this stuff on my  motorcycle side covers and I
> will let everyone know how it works.  It runs about 9.99 per 13.5 oz.
> can.  You can get an eastwood catalog by calling 1-800-345-1178.  No I
> don't own any eastwood stock either!
>                                 Jason Renville

Also give Restomotive a look. They have a product called 'Crystal
Topcoat' designed to go on metals you regularly wouldn't paint like
aluminum, magnesium (your engine case), copper, brass, fiberglass, etc.
A quart sells for US$27.00 and covers 120 sq. feet.

Restomotive, a division of POR-15
(800) 457-6715

I've used their POR-15 anti-rust paint with excellent results.

Ford Donald


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