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Distributor care and feeding

I decided to add a bit to this message....

Points close up due to the rubbing block wearing against the dist cam.  
There are two things you need to do about this.  First you should know that 
this needs to be lubricated; Bosch has a special grease for this, but any 
fairly thick tacky grease will do.  The second thing you need to do is 
rebuild your distributor (I charge $50 + parts).  The old grease needs to be 
cleaned off periodically or it accumulates grit which wears into the cam and 
the cam gets rough.  I use a mechanic's stone (like a whetstone) to smooth 
the cam back into shape.  No, it's not perfect, but your points last a LOT 
longer, and I've never had an engine complain.

The Bosch grease is 5 700 002 005 (old designation: Ft 1 v 4).  It is 
equally good on the FI trigger point cam.

All the Bosch distributors that have mech advance have a hollow shaft under 
the rotor.  When new, there is a felt plug in that hole which is a wick to 
feed oil to the mechanism below.  It is important to put a drop of oil on 
that wick periodically; it will keep your mech advance from rusting up.  If 
the felt is missing, that's probably no big problem, but you should still 
put a drop of oil in there anyway.

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