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Re: Torque converter rebuilding?

At 01:00 PM 5/16/97 PDT, Jason Renville wrote:
>I,m not sure about VW torque converters but when I had a replaced a 
>TH-350 in my Shovel the trans shop drilled a hole in my torque converter 
>and drained the fluid.  They then plugged the hole with a threaded plug. 
> They told me that they would not warranty the Trans if I didn't have 
>the old fluid drained from the torque converter.  They did if for no 
>charge so maybe ask the shop you are working with?
I've heard of people improvising by using a snow shovel when they didn't
have a sled -- but I never heard of one with a automatic trans.

Drilling a hole in a torque converter seems a little extreme.  Granted that
getting the fluid out can be challenging but, unless VW torque converters
are very different from the Chevy ones that I have worked with, it isn't
impossible. I would be concerned that putting a plug in the torque coverter
would unbalance it and reduce the life of the drivetrain.  On my daughter's
Chevy I just turned it upside down on top of my oil changing container and
left it there a couple days.  Then I filled it up half way with new fluid
before remounting it.  That ensured that when I refilled the trans I had
most of the needed fluid in the system when it was first started. 


---Larry Edson, Editor
   Karmann Ghia Club of North America
   Campbell, CA
   '65 Type 345 (electric sunroof)
   '66 Type 343
   '67 Bug (sunroof)
   '49 Ford pickup

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