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Torque converter rebuilding?

I,m not sure about VW torque converters but when I had a replaced a 
TH-350 in my Shovel the trans shop drilled a hole in my torque converter 
and drained the fluid.  They then plugged the hole with a threaded plug. 
 They told me that they would not warranty the Trans if I didn't have 
the old fluid drained from the torque converter.  They did if for no 
charge so maybe ask the shop you are working with?

                                Jason Renville
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Subject: Torque converter rebuilding?
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    5/16/97 8:56 AM

Hey, all.

I'm sorting through a pile of stuff from the '71 SB I'm rebuilding, and
I wasn't sure what to do (if anything) with the torque converter. I'm
pretty sure I'll take the auto tranny in to a tranny shop to have it
inspected, but I wasn't sure if the torque converter should go to.

Is there some sort of renewal/rebuilding process for t.c.s?

Is there a procedure for checking/verifying the correct operation of it
while it's out of the car?

Any other suggestions?

Ford Donald


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