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Re: Type 3 Treffen


We just found out that we might be able to attend the T3 Treffen in
Aalsmeer.  Will you be there?  Do you know if anyone else from the list will
be there?  

We'll be travelling from Warsaw, Poland and tentatively plan to leave at
3:00 AM Wednesday morning (5/28/97) to arrive Wolfsburg a/o 3:00 PM to spend
the night there.  We will then leave from Wolfsburg on Thursday morning to
head for Aalsmeer.  Any idea how far Aalsmeer is from Wolfsburg?  

We didn't send a card to the address that you forwarded to the list and now
it may be too late for it to get there in time.  Would you (or anyone else)
have a telephone, fax, or e-mail contact to the Treffen organizers?

Sorry to bother you so late about this.  However, things just "clicked" into
place this morning. 

It would be great to meet and see people from the list, let alone a WHOLE
PACK of T3 owners and their cars.  

Take care,

John Kowalski
'65 1500s Variant

>Yesterday I received my club magazine with further details about the Type 3
>Treffen which will be held on 29 May - 1 June. It's organised by the Dutch
>Air Cooled VW Club and the German "Type 3 Liebhaber I.G.", so a big number
>of type 3s are expected to turn up. There's really  only a programme on
>saturday and sunday, including a swap market, orientation trip, technical
>advice, photo/video opportunities etc. On thursday and friday people coming
>from far away can go to Amsterdam or see other beautiful parts of Holland.
>Every evening there will be "petrol head talk".
>The location is:
>        Camping "Het Amsterdamse Bos"
>        Kleine Noorddijk 1
>        1432 CC Aalsmeer
>        The Netherlands
>(Aalsmeer is south of Amsterdam)

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