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An incredible find (steal?)

Boy are we in T-3 heaven...Thank God we heeded your advice about that '66
Fastback w/T1 engine ($300--Didn't buy it).

Called about a VW Pickup for free...Missed it by two days, hmmm. :(  

This darn VW stuff is getting addicting ;)

Was browsing thru local Recycler and in the Salvaged Vehicles
section---1972 Squareback...Not running...$300.  Sounds interesting.  Turns

Car has been in some industrial wherehouse for 10 years(NON-OP'ed @ DMV for
past 9 yrs))--doesn't have an engine(Hmm, We have a extra T-3 engine:).
This guy and partner were into purchasing cars and fixing them up-Partner
moved to Georgia and said GET RID OF VW STUFF.  Started restoration on this
car 10 yrs ago.  Replaced two panels (one in front & rear) Body does not
have ANY-RUST-ANYWHERE!  Looked ALL over.  Lifted mat covering gas tank
(Little dust)Like NEW from factory. Body is SO STRAIGHT(has luggage
rack)Just needs paint job and beading(& engine), Interior has cobwebs but
otherwise LIKE NEW.  All window rubber LIKE NEW--NEEDS door rubber,
bumpers, light fixtures. Told the guy it would be ALOT of work & $$$
putting this thing back together-offered him $200. Guy countered said he
needed at least $250 and would throw in all other parts he had-SAID he had
everything.  Sounded good-We'll take it. He was selling suped up engine to
someone else who was going to put carbs on it--so he was removing ALL fuel
injector stuff to include w/car.

Husband went over to pick up extra stuff--GUY SAYS "TAKE ANYTHING THAT HAS
VW ON IT" NEED THE SPACE--and came home with a Van full! A milk crate full
of rubber(STILL IN PLASTIC BAGS!) a container full of seals-Brand new,
still in sealed plastic bags-4 sets of retractable seat belts-2 control
modules-2-3 sets of heads, 2 sets of Injector sets (minus distributor)-NEW
brake parts-spark plugs, original radio's, bumpers...etc..--UNBELEIVABLE--!
 Enough EXTRA parts for TWO T-3's.  He is even delivering the squareback to
our driveway and its loaded with boxes full of extra parts.

ALL FOR THE INCREDIBLE PRICE OF $250(Guy knew we were getting an incredible
deal-We were very appreciative;-)

So to all you fanatics...Keep looking-There probably alot more treasures
just waiting to be found.

'71 FSTBK (Daily driver)
'70 FSTBK (Parts Car <-Shell left <-> Need to get rid of)

New addition to family
'72 SQBK

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