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Re: FI Damper???

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Melissa & Jim wrote:

> I have a question about a part that I have never seen adequately explained.  
> It is the small short steel, in-line cylinder that follows the fuel pump in 
> FI cars.  It is located in a loop of hose that pokes through a block-off 
> plate in the right side of the front axle beam.

Mmmm.....just from staring at that particular assembly for a long time 
one day, and then seeing it called a "damper" somewhere, i made the 
assumption that it is just that...(doh!:)

It softens teh phtphptphtpht of the fuel pump, into a more controled 
stream, so that the pulses aren't pulsing against the injectors.....hey! 
it sounds good!:)

as for taking one apart....well, i just might do that...:)

if no one decides they want it, i'll be sure to put it on my projet 


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