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Re: 1971 VW Type-3 Squareback - desperate for help

>From: parkkj@orion.crd.ge.com (Keith Park)

>Sounds like your problem now is that someone in their final blaze of 
>incompetence has switched the cold start injector and T2 sensor wires.
>both are the same length as they immerge from the harness and have the
>same connector.  check the Wire #'s on the wires to tell which is which
>refering to the bently manuel.

This is goo advice.  You should never assume that the PO has all the wires 
in the right place.  Is your 71 one of the late ones that had the "Computer 
Diagnostic" plug in the LL corner of the engine compartment?  If so, if you 
just turn the key on, do you hear the fuel pump run for one second, or does 
it run as long as the key is on (engine NOT started.) 

>Dont keep throwing money into this car,  very little of what you have
>mentioned EVER goes bad, and as you replace it you lose your genuine
>unmolested VW parts and replace them with aftermarket or "rebuilt" parts
>and your reliability goes way down.

The waste of money IS unfortunate, but I find that the replacement Bosch or 
VW/Bosch parts are as good as the originals.  One exception to this is the 
injectors; late (last 15 years) injectors have electrical connector pins 
that are about .003" thinner than the originals.  This is often enough to 
prevent good contact.  The cure is to CAREFULLY remove the connector sockets 
from the plastic housings, squeeze them ever so slightly, check them on an 
injector, and refit in the housings.

You can check for this by checking the resistance through the wiring harness 
and each injector to ground.  This should be 2.5-3 Ohms, and should not 
change as you wiggle the connector.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
       jadney@vwtype3.org               jradney@njackn.com
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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