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Dropped an engine!!!! Now what?

Hello to all

The title of this mail message might seem a little peculiar but that 
is exactly what happened to me over the weekend. You will recall my 
questions of clutch repair/replacement on a '67 Notch that I posted 
last week. Well the car was delivered to my house last Saturday and 
after checking a couple of things my dad and I removed the engine. 
Everything went fine until we lowered it to the floor. About halfway 
down the engine suddenly slipped off the jack and hit the garage 
floor. It happened so fast there was nothing we could do except stand 
there and call the SOB thing every four letter word in the book!!!

After a post-mortem examination I found the following: The left-hand 
heat exchanger and the silencer took most of the impact. The heat 
exchanger seems to be fine but the exhaust came loose from all it's 
fixtures. I'll just refit it using new gaskets and clamps. The 
crankcase connected nothing more serious than the jack I had been 
using and the point of impact was on the right-hand edge where the 
bottom tin bolts to. Furthet than that everything checks out 
fine....I hope.... The engine still turns freely and it does not leak 
any oil where it is standing now so I recon it'll be OK.

Anyway, after all this excitement it turned out that the release 
bearing as well as the clutch assembly are stuffed and must be 
renewed. Thats another day's troubles.


Adriaan Loedolff
'69 Squareback Automatic (199 200 miles)

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