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Removing the flywheel

Hello to all

As you might recall I am busy fixing the clutch on a friends '67 
Notch (the one whose the engine fell off the jack!!!). I got the 
clutch cover and everything off, no problem. Clutch plate looks new 
but the pressure plate isn't. Some asshole mechanic somewhere tried 
to save the PO some money by replacing the clutch plate only. Result 
of this was a serious clutch shudder which later caused the fingers 
in the clutch cover to go. The flywheel doesn't look that good 
either. There is a bluish discoloration on the area where the clutch 
plate makes contact and the surface isn't perfectly smooth like it 
should be. I'll have to get the flywheel polished. This is where my 
question starts.

I know that when one reassembles an engine after the case has been 
split that one has to set the crankshaft endfloat using special 
shims. If I remove the flywheel, will I upset the endfloat totally or 
can I just put the same shims back behind the flywheel when I 
reinstall it? Also, does one have to meassure the torque on the 
flywheel gland nut exactly or do I just make sure that it is TIGHT.

Hope to hear from you soon


Adriaan Loedolff
'69 Squareback Automatic (199 200 miles)

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