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71 Squareback, parting out completely...

hey folks....due to a sudden bill (gotta pay fer my new 81 rabbit 
p/u!!!:), i've decided to get rid of my squareback...

first, a warning....ITS CROOKED! (which is why i wont sell it whole, 
except to a Georgian or Alabamian, or other similar state with real low 
vehicle standards....:) car was squished between a few pieces of 
latemodel detroit fiberglass.....then i got it..:)

anyhow...right front fender is dcent, as is right rear.

doors are decent

all glass is decent to good (front glass is getting white around the 

all electricals are good

all FI is good

all engine tin is there, and FS (only thing i care to keep is the 

autotranny is good, has a slow leak somewhere. All associated parts are 
good too..(i know some of you out there have shifters that dont lock 
anymore....this one does!!:)

almost new generator and regulator....brakes all work...

anything anyone needs...ASK!

located in Augusta Georgia....buyer pays shipping, etc...

make me an offer for what ever your interested in..


 			   Keeper Of The Light:
			Pushing Back The Darkness at
		 The Turning 40 Nostalgic VW Service Tour,
		      Search for the Beginning of Wind
    '75 Retired Westy-Canadian Model, Cody (storage shed)
     '69 Westy, Itchigo (awaiting muffler! Ron??!)    xi8940@freenet.tlh.fl.us
      '71 Baja Squareback, Lady	(driver-project, FS)Located in Augusta,Georgia
       '69 Offroad Beetle, Lifted and Uncut! (project)
	'81 Rabbit Pickup, Diesel (awaiting frontend transplant)

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