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MPG problems

>From: Jay Parnell <jay.parnell@gecm.com>

>Does anyone have any snappy suggestions for improving my MPG? I have a 1600 
>fastback, and I am getting what seems to be ridiculously low mileage from 
it.. about 
>17 mpg on motorways, and 10mpg urban.
>It has been suggested that it could have something to do with the injection 
unit? The 
>engine has been tuned using a krypton machine, so it cant be a tuning problem..

I have no idea what a "Krypton" machine is, but I suggest that you just make 
sure the dwell, timing, and valve clearance are all correct.  Then check the 
compression.  Verify that the system voltage is 14.1-14.4 V at medium RPM, 
otherwise replace the voltage regulator with genuine Bosch.  Low voltage 
makes the D-Jetronix run rich, so this would be my first bet.

Of course you should verify that all the FI wires are connected to the right 
things.  And Toby's suggestion that this might be a pressure regulator 
problem, well, more likely it would be just a misadjusted pressure 
regulator.  I've never seen one of these go bad, but I HAVE seen them abused 
by the practiconers (sp?) of the Sophomore Theorem.

You know the Sophomore theorem: "If some is good, more is better."  Apply it 
to anything you like--torque, children, beer, displacement, sleep, fuel 
pressure, exercise, computers....

Let us know what you find out.


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