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Clutch repair/replacement

>From: "Adriaan Loedolff" <ADRIAAN@norton.ctech.ac.za>

>Last night a friend asked if I could take a look at his '67 Notch as 
>he could not engage any gears without getting severe protests from 
>the gearbox. It looks to me as if the clutch cable is in 
>the process of breaking as the adjustment nut is at the end of it's 
>thread and the clutch lever only moves about half an inch when the 
>pedal is depressed fully. When the clutch pedal is fully depressed 
>one can engage 3rd and 4th gears only without scraping them violently 
>but none of the other gears will go in. Also, while the clutch is in 
>there is a slight whine coming from somewhere in the bellhousing. I 
>suspect the release bearing here.

I agree that a clutch cable that seems to be stretching has probably broken 
a few strands and will soon break the rest.  Of course it could always be 
something else that is breaking--like the steel tube that the clutch cable 
slides in.

>I shall replace the clutch cable tonight so I can make a better 
>diagnosis of the rest of the clutch. If it turns out to be terminally 
>ill I shall remove the engine over the weekend to get the clutch out. 
>The other point is....I have never done any clutch work before, my 
>car is automatic so I never needed to learn about clutches and stuff. 
>I have a Haynes manual and it looks fairly straight forward to 
>overhaul the clutch but any tips and anecdotes from you guys will be 
>greatly appreciated.

Right, pretty straight forward.  Use a pilot to center the clutch disk as 
you torque the pressure plate, don't forget to remove the clips that hold 
the new pressure plate in the compressed position while they are on the 
shelf.  Give everything else in there the once-over while you are in there.


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