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My first message

Hello everybody, I have just subscribed to this mailing list.
Let me tell you a little bit about my history with VW's (feel free to delete and move 

My first car (and first VW) was a 1974 orange and white camper, bit rusty, but I loved 
it. It had an 1800 twin carb engine, I think out of a type 4.
Anyway, that just had to make way for my fastback, and duly was sold to a friend of 
mine who has consequently spent vast amounts of cash restoring it to how it should be.

Now I am driving around in a 1972 fastback which I have recently spent about 1400 on 
restoring, and customising (not too radically). The first thing I did after purchasing 
it was to have the engine rebuilt. Now here I had 2 options, I could pay a 
professional to do it, or I could attempt it myself.. hmm... memories of those painful 
nights when I just completely messed up my van engine and had to spend about 6 hours 
fixing what I had done wrong came flooding back, and I decided to leave my baby in the 
capable hands of the local VW mechanic. It was fairly reasonable (I think) in cost, as 
I had a brand new clutch, front and back end lowered, new barrels, pistons, pushrods, 
big ends etc.. etc.. etc.. engine stripped bare and cleaned, put back together with 
all new gaskets for 600... what do you think? 
Anyway, with it lowered I thought it needed a decent set of wheels, so I opted for a 
set of Empi 8 spokes (Empi style?!?) which finished it off quite nicely.
The bodywork needs a little (little) attention and I will be completing that this 
summer hopefully.

Anyway, I look forward to many months of happy E-Mailing.
P.S (where are the majority of people based? I am in Hampshire England)

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