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4-5 bolt decision

        The 8-spokes are not too wide the offset is wrong.  Type-3 
wheels more closely resemble a front wheel drive rim than your average 
fits-on-a-bug rim.  Many rims with different backspacing are available.  
Ask your rim dealer.  Go to a custom shop.  You can have them measure 
what you have now and suggest something.  These wheels are typically in 
the 100+ range each.  Not all that far out of line with what you would 
spend on any other cars rims.  

        If all else fails you can have your rims and drum/hubs 
re-drilled.  A good machine shop should be able to do this at a very 
minimal cost.  I know 5-bolt Porsche pattern disk are available right 
out of the magazines.

          A junk yard might actually let you take the rim to a car in 
the yard and you could try to match it up that way.

On a side note 195/50/15's Front and 195/60/15's rear barely rub when on 
Empi's  perhaps you could Roll fender bead over a little more.  Take a 
WOODEN ball bat and insert it between the space between the rim and 
Fender.  Applying pressure downward on the bat, which is now a lever, 
slowly push the car forward to draw the bat into and around the tire.  
Worked on getting the 265's under the Chevelle!

Necessary bonehead disclaimer.
These approaches to fender rolling have not been reviewed by the 
National Bodywork Association.  Although they have worked for others I 
cannot guarantee that they will work for you. I sincerely hope, however 
that the ideas presented in this message will assist you in developing a 
cool and trick hotrod Veedub.


                                Jason Renville
I would rather attempt something great and 
Fail than attempt nothing and succeed.

Portland, OR USA
69 Fastback second owner.

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Subject: 4-5 bolt decision
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    5/7/97 8:35 PM

Wow, I am a dummy!! I didn't think about having drums in the front!!  That
wouldn't be such a hot thing to have to deal with.  I am still bummed at the
limitations of 4 bolt rims for VW's.  The 8 spokes are nice but too wide for
lowered ride and will rub the rear fenders.  What about those 2-liter Porsche
rims that lots of the pro 'backs have? I have never seen them in the
magazines, how wide are those?

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