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Re: Squareback starting problem

>From: billka@ptdprolog.net (William Kaufmann)

>>>I have a '73 squareback that starts and runs beautifully if run every 
>>>few days but if it is not used for a week or more it is slow getting 
>>>started.  When it does start I hear a whine that increases in pitch 
>>>about 30 seconds.  I thought it was the fuel pump that was sluggish. 
>>>So I installed a push button switch to make it run before trying to 
>>>start the engine.  It did no good.  Now I have determined that the 
>>>whine sound is in the engine compartment but can't place it.  After 
>>>about 30 seconds the sound suddenly stops.  
>>>Does anyone have any ideas about what is happening or what causes 
>>The sound you describe is usually due to air in the fuel line passing
>>through the pressure regulator in the engine compartment on its way
>>back to the gas tank.  Your push button is a good idea and it should
>>work.  Here's what you need to do:  Get in the car and turn the key
>>on, push and hold the button until the whine goes away and you stop
>>hearing bubbling from the gas tank, then pump the gas pedal a few
>>times to give the injectors a chance to clear any air out of them. 
>>Then start the car.

I should also add that it is VERY important that your switch be a momemtary 
contact one.  An ordinary on/off switch would not shut off your fuel pump in 
an accident.  A momentary switch allows the original safety shutoff function 
to work.  This could be a matter of life or death.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
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