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RE: Squareback wanted!

On Wed, 7 May 1997, MHood wrote:

> Dave, 
>   I finally found a square in Anniston, AL that I might buy. It is a '71


now...you wouldn be buying it froma miller or a cooper or an adams or a 
jackson, there in anniston, wouljda? (if so, i'm related to 'em...:)

> model. I got a couple questions, if ya don't mind. It has a carb. Is it
> original? It also has an automatic transmission. Are these a pain? (not an

ncarb...nope, not original....FI is stock for a 71...carb eh? one or two?:)

as for autotrannys, my 71 has one....a little slower on the get up and 
go, but it hasnt given me any trouble..

> autostick, but a real PRNDL auto). It has a roof-rack, and has a little
> rust on the top. I think that it is mainly surface rust, tho. However, the
> left rear quarter panel has a little rust down by the tire. The interior is
> really nice, and it still has the original radio. 'Sapphire XV' is what it
> says. The olive green paint is pretty shot. Anyway, any help would be
> muchly appreciated. He wants $800 for it. He promises that it will run when
> i buy it. Whaddya think?

oh? its not running now? (now i'm really wondering if i'm related to 'im!!!:)
(lots of family in Anniston is in the junk business....oh yeah add 
Chandler (the drag racers...)to that list of relatives too...:)

mm...if it drives ok, etc etc...stops ok, and all that, and your 
SATISFIED witht he car....give it the good ol' Muirian thrice 
over....then go for it...but offer him 500, and see what he says..:)


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