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Re: Squareback wanted!

>Hello all. I enjoy all the posts here. I am the proud owner of a 1971
>Beetle convertible, yet my life is missing something. I have decided that
>that something is a squareback. What year is the best year? What can I
>expect to pay for one? (not restored-I wanna have that fun!) I live in
>Auburn, Alabama, and they are pretty rare around here, as far as I can
>tell. I just need some pointers. Please help a Type 3 newbie! I hope ya'll
>don't mind! Thanks in advance!
>Mark E Hood
>Auburn, Alabama
>"It doesn't take all kinds, there just are all kinds."
>-Winston Churchill

Hey Mark,

I have a couple of Sqaure's, but alas not are for sale....I am using them to
make one car. I am in Jacksonville, Florida and one of the cars I bought
from a guy in Alabama around Columbus Ga. (he lived in Ga. the cars are in
Al.). I bought a '69 Square for $225 (no title though) but he did have
others..Here's his name and email, Greg Fetner, fetnerg@mindspring.com

I would expect to pay $500-1,000 for a good (complete) starter car. Try if
you can to get a complete car, its hard and expensive to find parts. Thats
why I have 4 Square's....just to build one good solid one.

As for years, well that is a matter of personal taste. I personally like the
early style years '69 or earlier. And I would suggest a '69 because it was
the only year of the old body style and the IRS rear end.

Any thing else just ask the list......
'69 Square
'71 Square (parts)
pair of '68's (parts)

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