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Oil cooler gasket problem/ Disregard my valve cover gasket query

My 66' has had a problem with the gaskets that go between the oil cooler and
the engine case getting hard, then failing in a spectacular manner that
leaves oil all over the engine compartment. When I pull the oil cooler off,
the gasket that fails is as hard as a rock and fails because it cracks. It
only seems to happen to one of them. I have not kept track to see if it the
same gasket failing each time. The gasket I use is the thickest, donut-shaped
ones from the gasket kit for engine rebuilds.

This happens about every 10,000 miles. I would not characterize the engine as
running hot. The fresh-air boot is in great shape, and all the tin is in
place. The mating surface on the case is in terrific shape, as is the oil
cooler. (all the air spaces are clean and open.)

1.  Is this a common problem specific to TIII's?

2. Is there a cure that keeps my engine stock?

Re; Another Trick

I sent an e-mail asking how other people install their valve cover gaskets. I
sent this before actually reading all my e-mail where I found out what others
did. Please disregard my query about valve cover gaskets.

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