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4-5 bolt conversion

Don't do I say!

The 5-bolts will be Drums.  You would never want to go from disc front 
to 4-wheel drum.  The conversion isn't that hard just change backing 
plate and remove all of the calipers.  I think the added safety, and not 
having to adjust your front brakes all the dang time(they are not self 
adjusting on the drums)  would be enough to motivate me to find a cool 
set of 4-bolt rims.  If you really want to you could use adapters but I 
think the safety in those is also questionable.

BTW the 5-bolt wheels are harder to have balanced.  It requires an 
adapter to put it on the spin-balancer and not all places have them.  It 
also makes them hard to get the balance correct.  Trust me here. When I 
saw someone with 5-bolts wanting them balanced I would make sure I was 
on break!

                                Jason Renville
I would rather attempt something great and 
Fail than attempt nothing and succeed.

Portland, OR USA
69 Fastback second owner.

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Subject: 4-5 bolt conversion
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    5/7/97 11:53 AM

How difficult is it to switch from a 4 to 5 bolt pattern on my ' 70
Squareback?  I was thinking about putting on early Type-I smoothies.  Do I
just need to replace the rotors, calipers, brake drums (?)(etc.) I think I
can just get these parts from the junk yard, but will these pieces fit?
' 70 'back
' 61 ragtop

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