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Gearbox Gremlins

>From: wcollins@sbnsw.com.au

>The problem I have though is with the gearbox.  Even though I didn't drive it 
>too far, the following symptoms seem to be there:
>1. Whilst it will go into reverse, it will not stay there unless you put your 
>hand on the gearstick to hold it there.  It doesn't seem to be the same for 
>the other gears but as I haven't had it moving very far I can't comment on 
>whether this is the case or not.  When I did drive it last time, I didn't have 
>any problems and it has only be sitting still since.
>2. 1st and 3rd seem to be longer to get into.  Maybe its just me but to put 
>them into gear the stick seems to have to travel further.
>My questions are as follows:
>1. Could this be the gearbox itself.
>2. Could this only be the coupling.

I assume you're asking these questions because the transmission didn't act 
this way before.

The coupling could cause this problem, but I've never seen one fail.  It is 
easy to check, however.  Just pull the plate off the bottom of the pan just 
ahead of the front of the transmission.  Check that the coupling is intact 
and that the two square headed bolts are tight.  There should be safety 
wires holding the bolts to keep them from loosening.  The points of the 
bolts seat in dimples in the two shafts.  It is possible that someone 
replaced the transmission with one from a beetle which would have the dimple 
on the top.  That would make it impossible to maintain a secure attachment 
to the shaft.  If that is the case, you can make a dimple with an ordinary 
drill bit.

Another thing to check is the front transmission rubber mount.

After that, everything else is inside the transmission.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
       jadney@vwtype3.org              jadney@vwtype3.org
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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