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Re: Type 3 Detectives...

At 11:32 5.5.1997, Richard Visser wrote:

 * Small irritation but still.... I mailed T3 detectives with a question
 * and didn't get an answer at all.

This does not surprise me - and I don't mean it in a bad way.

Paul Medhurst (of T3D) does not actually update the web site or answer
email requests for parts (so don't try to email anything to Aaron while he
is there!).  This may sound strange, but it is another company  which is in
charge of their web pages.  They are apparently, "down the block", from
T3D, and Paul has a hard time getting a hold them to send out replies.  You
*can* send them email, which they may get, but do not expect an answer any
time soon.  I would recommend making a phone call - it is easier in the

 * At 14:57 1-05-97 -0400, you wrote (Greg):

 * >Hi everyone,

 * >I've usually heard good things about T3 Detectives, but lately
 * >I've been hearing first-hand anecdotes of *bad* service.  To wit:

 * >somebody tried to order a specific style T3 tach, got the wrong
 * >one (twice), then on the third try T3D sent some tach out of French car!


Hmm, sounds strange.  I have had nothing but good expeiences with T3D.

Bad hair day, I suppose.

I would have to say that the biggest irritation about both T3D and Bill &
Steve's is that they do not have a catalog or even a postage mailing list
to which they could mail out flyers, or advertizements.  It is hard to know
what they have in stock, what might be available or on sale or whatever.
Further, their (both firms') advertizing in any of the VW rags is rather
lackluster.  I think that I have seen only a few ads which actually list
parts that are available (on sale) and at what price.  One in VolksWorld,
and another couple times in Hot VW's.  Perhaps we should demand better

Just my two ECU's worth.


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