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Re: Dyno Testing Q's

Yes, I have had my car dyno tested, 3 times,  and have had no problems
with running for up to 15mins at approx 100 bhp at the wheels(typical
rolling road errors).

The big fan at the front gives a similar effect to driving the car along
at a good few mph so the air follows round the car to the air vents at
the rear.

I have also had a second fan pointing into the engine bay, but this is
since I've been running beetle fan setup.
> Don't the FI cars automatically stop squirting gas when the vehicle is moving
> but there is no throttle (like coasting down a hill)?  A gas saver more than an engine cooler I'd venture to say, nonetheless...

All modern FI systems have what is called overrun cut off, designed to
improve emissions on the test cycles, and improve fuel consumption. Even
some of the more modern carbs had overrun cutoff valves on them.

The only FI cars that don't have this feature are rally and competition
cars. Thay keep injecting fuel, one reason is to help cool the valves,
and secondly, by having loads of unburnt fuel going into a hot exhaust
manifold, and then fireng the plugs late it is possible to get
explosions in the exhaust and turbo, thus elliminating turbo lag and
getting lots of popping and banging.

Nic Webb
Roobarb & Custard

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