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Re: Panic struck this weekend...

I've had inserts for spark plugs with no problems.  Well one worked 
out every 2000 miles or so, but I just tightened it regularly. 

After you get the plugs out, try chasing the threads.  They make a tool 
for just that, like a tap but not as aggressive.  Uses the spark plug 
wrench to drive the tool.   Chase the threads a little at a time, 
back up then go,use something to help lubricate, oil works.  
Be sure to get it started correctly, not cross threaded.  It can salvage 
messed up threads and save you some dough.  Yeah you get some 
aluminum shavings in the heads, but if small they should blow out when 
you start up.  Certainly cheaper than new head(s).
To restate a given, only pull plugs when head is cold.

- Jeff '67 Sqbk

> Now for the bad news.  In doing the oil/valves/timing/general 
maintence this weekend and in trying to replace the spark plugs I 
> had a big panic.  When trying to remove the #2 spark plug it was 
very tight and after half a turn almost impossible to turn.  So I 
> stopped and tried #1, this one came out about 3 turns before it did 
the same thing.  So I stopped and attempted to put them back 
> in which was even harder.  Help!?
>  Anyway I thought I had heard at one point that VW were notorious for 
stuck plugs and that inserts could be put in (Idiot book I 
> think).  I am very un-familar with this as both cars have re-manufactured
 engines with 40,000 and 60,000 miles on them.  

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