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Panic struck this weekend...

Now for the bad news.  In doing the oil/valves/timing/general maintence this weekend and in trying to replace the spark plugs I 
had a big panic.  When trying to remove the #2 spark plug it was very tight and after half a turn almost impossible to turn.  So I 
stopped and tried #1, this one came out about 3 turns before it did the same thing.  So I stopped and attempted to put them back 
in which was even harder.  Help!?

 Anyway I thought I had heard at one point that VW were notorious for stuck plugs and that inserts could be put in (Idiot book I 
think).  I am very un-familar with this as both cars have re-manufactured engines with 40,000 and 60,000 miles on them.  Plus 
every time I ever put spark plugs in I put anti-seize compound on them and have never had a problem.

The car has not been overheated as the valves hardly needed any adjustment at all and I keep a close eye on my cylinder 
head temperature gauge on #3.  The only thing that has been a problem lately is running rich which is why I wanted to change 
the plugs as they are probably pretty fouled.  Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks...

Craig Woolston
'70 Sqback and '71 Fastback

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