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Fuel gauge and warning lamps

>From: "Adriaan Loedolff" <ADRIAAN@norton.ctech.ac.za>

>I have a question for all the spares gurus. We all know that the 
>warning lamp (idiot light) panel on early type 3s do not have symbols 
>on the individual lights. This was later changed so that symbols 
>identifing the different lamps were added. Now somewhere after that 
>time another change was made regarding the oil pressure warning lamp. 
>The lamp in my '69 Square is green and has a symbol suggesting a 
>gauge showing low oil pressure. Last week I found a similar gauge 
>also off a '69 Square in a breaker's yard but the oil light on this 
>one is red and it says OIL. When exactly did this change occur or 
>was this gauge possiblt replaced with a later unit as a result of 
>a malfunction? I have seen a similar gauge in a '72 Square that was 
>imported to South Africa from the UK since type 3 production here 
>stopped in August 1969.

68 had a green light, no lettering
69 got lettering (OIL), maybe turned red at the same time

I don't recall ever seeing one that had the symbol you describe, but it is 
likely that there were several versions (OIL, OEL, <universal symbol>).

>BTW in less than 1 000 miles my Square will roll over to 200 000 
>miles. I have been wondering, what does one do on such an occasion. I 
>will of course get some decent champagne but what about a present for 
>the car, that rare accsessory or some other adornment. I'd like to 
>hear some ideas for the ultimate "birthday" gift for my car!!!

Congratulations.  When mine turned over 300k I figured <I> was the one who 
deserved the reward.  After all how many people will drive a car with 
virtually no heater when the outside temp is -20F!

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
       jadney@vwtype3.org              jadney@vwtype3.org
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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