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Fuel gauge and warning lamps

Hi everyone

I have a question for all the spares gurus. We all know that the 
warning lamp (idiot light) panel on early type 3s do not have symbols 
on the individual lights. This was later changed so that symbols 
identifing the different lamps were added. Now somewhere after that 
time another change was made regarding the oil pressure warning lamp. 
The lamp in my '69 Square is green and has a symbol suggesting a 
gauge showing low oil pressure. Last week I found a similar gauge 
also off a '69 Square in a breaker's yard but the oil light on this 
one is red and it says OIL. When exactly did this change occur or 
was this gauge possiblt replaced with a later unit as a result of 
a malfunction? I have seen a similar gauge in a '72 Square that was 
imported to South Africa from the UK since type 3 production here 
stopped in August 1969.

BTW in less than 1 000 miles my Square will roll over to 200 000 
miles. I have been wondering, what does one do on such an occasion. I 
will of course get some decent champagne but what about a present for 
the car, that rare accsessory or some other adornment. I'd like to 
hear some ideas for the ultimate "birthday" gift for my car!!!


Adriaan Loedolff
'69 Squareback Automatic (199 000 miles)

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