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sightings (new title)

> > At 02:57 PM 4/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >And some of those in the show (like mine...) are just *parking* in the middle of things, not competing.  Maybe 1/2 or 2/3 of the T3s entered in the show are actually "show" cars!  I've maybe seen a dozen Type IIIs (o.k., maybe 15 or 20) in the last 6 years here in Michigan.  That includes on the road & at shows...
> >
> > Well I certainly don't mean to rub it in or gloat, but I probably see 4-5 a week ;) And theres enough bugs and busses to choke the biggest VW fan.
> >
> > T o M (loving Seattle more and more every day!)

> Ditto in PDX.  On my walks through my 30+ block neighborhood I can
> consistantly steer myself and wife past a choice of three late-model
> squares, a 21 window bus, two mid sixties bugs, a few super beetles, > two ghia's, a 3-5 buses, and even a matching Corvair coupe and van.  > Except for the ghia they are all unrestored looking "drivers".  Not > much rust out here, but they really do tend to rot (as in mildew,      > green slime on any crevice, ripe interior smells).
> Peter Parker
> Portland, Oregon

Man...I thought I was bad...
I lived north of you, Greg, by about 2 hours, until about two years ago,
and the only type 3 I ever saw that wasn't in a magazine or book was my
Squareback!!!  I found my Fastback in Michigan when I was moving to Ohio
(please, I know all the Michigan/Ohio jokes;).  Now that I live in
Columbus I see type 3's fairly often...but not 4 or 5 a week!!!  Must be
nice.  However, it is cool when someone speeds up to pull along side of
you just to ask what kind of car it is...as long as they don't say...
"Hey, man...Is that a VOLVO!?!?!?!   AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

It takes peace and understanding, huh...
'70 Squareback
'68 Fastback (organ donor)
looking for a good fastback body to put all my stuff on
i hate volvos...

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