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Re: Rust, OH NO!!

PADDY01410@aol.com wrote:
> DearType 3 lovers,
>      We have found rust on our beloved Quasi.
> Patrick
> 71 Squareback

Patrick...Sorry, this may be long...

Let's just say that I would be beside myself if I had such a small
amount of rust on my type 3.  I have to remind you, though, when you can
see rust, there is more that you can't see.  Metal rusts from the inside
out, which is why you see autos (of any kind) that have been completly
restored, including rust repair, have reccuring rust problems down the
road.  In order for rust repair to be complete and thorough, one needs
to repair the entire area around the rust spot.  I wouldn't stress about
this too much, just fix it, or have someone (make sure they know what
the heck they're doin'!) else fix it before it grows into an
undefeatable monster ;)  Be prepared to spend some dough if you have
someone else do it.  Reputable shops will be able to give you a close
estimate, if they do rust repair (just make sure they're reputable-get
some references, ask them if you can call some of their customers).

If you can do it yourself, then you are in luck.  The best quality
control you can get is an anal retentive owner, and if you see the work
all the way through, you know exactly what you have, and what might pop
up down the road.

Finally, make sure that the repaired area is refinished properly with
zinc oxide primer sealer and quality paint.

Things aren't as bad as they may seem, but don't let it go.  It won't
take as long where you are (unless you are close to the saltwater), but
it will get worse.  I think that most type 3 owners are just happy to
have their cars, even if the are a little rusty, or even VERY rusty
(such as me...;), but I also think that if we all had are way, we'd have
stainless steel bodies & pans!!!!

Gees, can you tell I grew up in a body shop in the rustbelt!?! I sound
like my Dad!  Yikes!!!;]

Of course you could just dump that rust-bucket off on someone like me...
heheheheheheehehhe ;) just joshin'!

I'm sure there will be more commentary on this as it's something that we
ALL have to deal with.  Someone has to have more specific step by step
info to pass along...at least what they've done.  Mine have all been
beyond hope, snif, snif.  (I keep hoping...)

Good Luck with Quasi...and by the way, smack yer friend with a stiff
piece of tarboard from under yer seat (since you've got the carpet out,

'70 Squareback (rusty)
'68 Fastback (organ donor-rustier-so bad the front beam almost fell off
towing it to my Dad's!)

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