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Re: 71' fuel injection

>From: Kinkos Whitehall <kinkos-emain@ee.net>

>Melissa & Jim wrote:
>> Favorite for overall quality: 71, as above except body style, 71 FI was 
the best

>Just curious, but I was wondering what was different about the '71 fuel
>injection that made it the "best"...

There were basically 3 generations of D-Jetronic FI: 68-9, 70-1, and 72-3.  
The early years had some teething pains, while the last generation suffered 
from the dying gasp of trying to make the air-cooled engine keep up with 
advancing emissions regulations.  The 70-71s were divided into two groups: 
the first few months of the 70 model year and the rest of that period.  I 
prefer the latter because correct parts are easier to find.

>Oh yeah...thanks for the input on the clutch pedal assembly!  I think I
>have a little better understanding of what's goin' on in there now,
>however, I had a few spare minutes to work on it the other day and came
>across a stumbling block  It's sure to be a really stupid question, but
>is there some trick to getting to pedal loose from that spring that is
>around the shaft (right at the bottom of the pedal)???
>I tried to pry it off, but couldn't get a good bite on it.

First you need to remove the flat circlip that is on that same shaft.  Then 
you may need to tap the end of the spring with a hammer and small punch in 
case it is just stuck.  Once it is loosened, you can usually push it out of 
the groove easily.  It is not a particularly strong spring if I remember 

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
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                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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