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Mystery Stall..(Cheap Valves?)

Just when you think it's all dialed in...As some of you may know, last week
I finally fixed the front end.  I also got pissed at my mechanic because he
was too busy to check my timing, so I used my Idiot's Book and Bentley's
and learned how to replace the points and condensor (which was horribly
pitted and worn...and check the timing.)  I even got a new Dwell/Volt/Tach
meter and Timing light out of this deal (since I fgured that I wasn't gonna
pay the mechanic.)  The car, basically, is now in perfect tune.  (Valves
adjusted, new plugs, new oil, cleaned air cleaner, new points, good

Anyway I took her to work, and all seemed pretty well.  But the car (ever
since it was rebuilt by Mueller Motors in Alhambra, CA (Whom I DEFINITELY
DO NOT RECOMMEND-Let's just say legal troubles ensued after they
finished...)  has always sort of run slightly funky.  

Anyway, it's got worse in terms of  sputturing on the freeway.  In fact,
once on the way to work and a few times on the way home it completely died
out.  It almost felt like it wasn't getting spark for a few seconds or
maybe gas.  But now I'm wondering if it could be a result of the horrible
rebuild.  Another mechanic I took it to said that it needed a valve
job-that the valves possibly didn't seat right or something.  The weird
thing is-I kept trying to make the car behave funny, but it would do it
only once in awhile.  It didn't matter if I was going 5 mph or 55 mph, or
if I let up on the throttle or if I was giving it gas.  Then the problem
would stop for awhile and the car would run fine.  

I know that when I take the car to a mechanic it won't act up.  Does anyone
have any ideas?  I'd sure appreciate it....-Mark

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