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Hmmm....anyone need anything off my 71 square?!:)

hey folks...I blasphemed today....bought a 81 Rabbit P/U....but dont 
worry...its a diesel, and they dont count..:)

now, in order to pay back the 200 bucks i had to pay for it, i need to 
sell somethin..:)

and the first thing that comes to mind would be the complete FI system 
off my 71 square...:)

works good, AKAIK...drive the thing everyday...:) (now the spark plug 
that i cant replace because it has the helicoil stuk to it, causing my 
missing...thats a differnt story...:)

or...all teh glass is good, anyone interested?:)

thats really all thats any good...:( (and to think, this is my daily 

maybe someone needs some small electrical stuff? relays? switches?

any automatic parts ya need?:)


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			Pushing Back The Darkness at
		 The Turning 40 Nostalgic VW Service Tour,
		      Search for the Beginning of Wind
    '75 Retired Westy-Canadian Model, Cody
     '69 Westy, Itchigo			           xi8940@freenet.tlh.fl.us
      '71 Baja Squareback, Lady		 	Located in Augusta, Georgia
       '69 Offroad Beetle, Lifted and Uncut!

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