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Re: preignition?


Run-on problem:You probably have your timing just a little off. It could
also be a worse problem, but try this first. Your engine is getting old.

Gas Guage: this is common.  The only way to correct it is get another
guage or take the chrome bezel, glass and trim off the face and glue it
back on. Be CAREFUL of the crome bezel taking it off (it's just crimped
on) that you don't tweak it so far that it will not hold when you
re-assemble.  Use some STRONG glue, preferably NOT a super glue because
it will leave a white haze on the grey behind. Use epoxy or JB Weld or
something like this.

Heater knob: The heater flap IS weight loaded to close. Your levers work
horizontally, right? NOT vertically. If this is so, that little funky
knob in the center of the cover is where you can adjust the tension on
the lever(s) (if I recall correctly). Easy.

Big Al


James L. McGill wrote:
> When you turn off the key after driving, and the car keeps
> chugga chuggin for a few seconds, that is a symptom of what?
> This is a '66 type3, 1600 with dual carbs.  I believe the
> valves are correct.
> Also, the poor '66's vdo gas gauge, the one with the
> turn indicators and the red and green lights, has a flat
> circular trim disc in the center, behind the glass.  Well
> the glue must have given out this weekend, because the disc
> is now at the bottom of the gauge, where it (!) obscures
> the gen light and nearly obscures the oil light.  :-(
> How to fix, how difficult to fix?
> Ok, one last and final question:  On that same 66 squareback,
> the heater knob under the parking brake won't stay put.  You
> turn it, and it opens the heater flap box just fine, but it
> returns back to the shut position as soon as you release it.
> Is there a piece missing or something?
> Thanks for reading.
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