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re: rear end noises

A bear in his natural habitat <burden@rhett.enet.dec.com> Wrote:
| Today (I get to drive the Squareback until it's fixed...) 
| some of the same 
| noises are there.  There is a slight groaning when I coast 
| or turn corners at 
| speed, but if I apply power it goes away.  The thunking 
| only comes in when I'm 
| slowing down in a corner.
| I'm getting the attitude of just drive it until it breaks, 
| then I'll be able to 
| tell what's wrong....
| Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going wrong 
| here?
| Thanks
| Dave ('71 Sqb)


Here's my 0.000002 cents worth.  Big gamble as I don't know if this is 
possible but........

.could one of the teeth on any of the drive shafts from the left hand side be 
broken off and therefore as it runs in one direction its ok, but in the other 
direction its missing the tooth and when it rejoins that is the thunking 

Theory behind this.  As you go around a left hand corner all the pressure is 
on the right hand side and the gear, with the broken tooth is not mating up 
properly and causing it to "Thunk" into place.  When you slow down, between 
the engine and drive shaft from the wheel operate at different speeds again 
causing a "thunk" of the teeth together.

This may help you some.  Then again I might be way off base.  (Flight control 
to Looney craft 3.  Get a life!!!)


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

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