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Hi Neil,

As far as the exhaust from GEX, I can't help you.

BUT from the engine-building side of GEX...

A freind of mine bought a 1835 for his drag racing "Thing" 
(long story tell you some other time),  it coughed and gagged and he
tore it apart thinking he did something wrong to it.

Draining the oil he noticed flakes of stuff in the bucket. After
splitting the case he noticed that along with silver painting the
exterior of the case (which he thought strange when he first took
delivery of it), the INSIDE was painted also!

Upon hearing his complaint on the phone, they denyed it and promptly
revoked the guarantee.  Leaving him HI and DRY.  

He stripped the motor of parts (and paint) had it rebuilt locally and
has had no problems since.

Take this as warning or general info...

Big Al


Neil, R. Stuart wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>         Today, I received my GEX catalog.  Thay have an extractor muffler
> system for the Type III for about 113.00.  Has anyone had experience
> with these types of exhaust systems, and with GEX itself?  I am in
> desperate need of a new exhaust system, but I can't afford the $$$ for a
> stock muffler.  If anyone has or knows where I could get a stock (new or
> used- for around $100.00), please let me know.  Also, if you know of a
> better place to get an aftermarket system, let me know that too.
> Thank You,
> Stuart Neil
> Chattanooga, TN

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