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re: Type III pan & wheels

Ken Jones <kjones@cwo.com> Wrote:
| Michael,
| You should have no problem swapping the type3 pan from the 
| same year
| from a Notch, Fastback, or Squareback. Call over a few 
| friends and get
| after it. Kinda like "raising the barn" in the old days. 
| It's a friends
| and family thing. 
| I'm getting ready to swap a 68 Fastback pan under a 65 
| Notch Body. Notch
| Pan is toast. Only thing to really be concerned about is 
| the "vin"
| number on your car(s). Once you make the swap your Notch 
| will have a new
| (different) vin number as it is stamped on the tube on the 
| pan. Not
| really a problem until (of if) you ever decide to sell it. 
| Something to
| consider.

Over here in Oz(NSW) they check the VIN numbers every so often so you would 
need to get it fixed.  Which would mean that instead of taking the current 
registration papers down and paying the bill, you could just cancel one and 
use the other.  (Makes sense??)

| If decided I'll own by Notch forever, for better 
| or worse.
| This VW relationship is kinda like a marriage don't you 
| think?

Richer or poorer, In sickness and health, till death do you part, or you can't 
get the required parts you need from a junk yard.  (Forever is such a long 
time, long term is after lunch, short term is five minutes!!)

| If you start your project before I do, let me (us) know 
| how it goes.
| I'll be interested to "look over your shoulder" as you do 
| the swap via
| this e-mail list. I'm sure others on the list will be 
| watching closely
| too!


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

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