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>On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Cooper N. Melton wrote:
>> Jeff &/or Paula wrote:
>> >I think a T3 FAQ is a great idea.  I'm always deleting items that I'm
>> >sure I'll be wondering about 6 months from now.
>> Hear, hear!  I agree.  Whatd'ya say, Greg?
>        Cooper, Jeff &/or Paula--you're all volunteering?  Great! ;)
>        As a Type III junkie, I'll admit it--I've saved virtually *all*
>of the messages posted to the list. :-o  I just looked last night, and
>I believe that it works out to something like 4.5MB of text!  Yikes!
>        I actually created a FileMaker Pro database for all of the posts--
>I paste in the text of useful messages, then click on category boxes (e.g.
>engine, NOS, contact person, etc.).  This way I can search for, say, any
>posts having to do with "NOS and engine and electrical" if I'm looking
>for, say, info on availability of original fuel injection connectors or
>        Problem is, I've only gone through about 70 or 100 messages to
>date, and at the rate posts are happening, I'm just losing ground.
>        If there are any volunteers who want to create a T3 FAQ, I'll be
>glad to help get the ball rolling by passing on raw data from the mailing
>list.  I would volunteer myself, but I've got too many projects at the
>moment--Type III *and* other stuff.  Simply can't do it now.
>'71 squareback
>'63 Beetle


I am currently investigating the possibility of using an applesearch engine
to archive mail messages.  This could be a good solution for the list
(although it's not an FAQ).

I'll keep everyone informed of progress.

Steve Farmer

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Sydney, Australia

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