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Re: Bits

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That would be an 8mm 12 point. 


Its a double square drive.  Imagine 2 squares with one at 45 degrees
to the other.  

DISagree.  The double square has eight points.  The double square will most 
definetly strip out the inside of your bolt.  You need the triplesquare  I.E. 
twelve points.

They are lots better than the hexes.  Be sure to clean
them out thoroughly.  I used dental scrapers and spray carb cleaner.
WEAR A FACE SHIELD.  The carb cleaner splashes back in you face.
When you find the bits, get two.  I shattered one of the good ones
and have rounded over the cheaper one.

Take heed to the dental pick idea.  If you don't clean out the bolt head you 
will strip the bolt and the socket.


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