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About the type 3 panel-van,

it is a rare and ugly beast.

I don't have the number in front of me, but a think less than 1000 were
produced. None remain in Germany (or are known of in the scene), and I
should know.
Most were sold to Skandinavia where they were formally considered trucks
and therefore the vehicle tax was much lower, also the sales tax.
You have to know that for example in Danmark the passenger vehicle sales
tax is like 100%. They like to discourage people from buying new cars
over there, same for alcohol.
There probably are still some panels around in Danmark and I do know of
some panels in Norway. One was offered to me a few years ago.
As panels were very basic  I think they came only with the 1500 engine.
In some countries you could choose that engine until the very end.
To the US of course they ony exported the top of the line cars, which
keeps amazing a German like me when walking over a VW junkyard over here
in Alabama. In Germany everything was an option, even the back-up light.
US cars always had a nice option package included.
Martin Peitz

Is the Type III and IV book known over here? I can recommend it! Only in
German though, but nice pictures, including a panel.

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