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I FOUND MY Type-3 Parts List Book!!!!

Well every body, I was reading everyones messages from last week about the
part books, and I ordered one of those frome Heritage VW's and who ever said
it was not a complete book was right...it just has the illustrations to
order parts by.
It is though an ordering book, printed in 1994 by VW of Germany, and I have
been told (only through the grapevine) that you can get most of the stuff in
the book.
Which is just about everything on the car. I do not know this to be fact, as
I have not tried myself.

But here's the really, really good part. We just had a VW show here in Jax,
FL. the IVWA Winter Nationals, It was my first VW only show, and being the
first time here in town the turn-out was not huge, but pretty good.

I was just getting ready to leave, and decided to stop by one booth I hadn't
yet, and low and behold....I found it....and original VW Type-3 Part Book!
and bought it at the huge price of $30.00 (wow). I think its just the
greatest book I could have ever bought. The cover is dated in '69 but the
supplement pages take it into late '71 early '72. 

Right know I am making a complete copy of it as not to damage the pages
anymore (as a few are in not so fair shape) and I will use that for my every
day work. The org. will go in the shelf. If any one needs any info out of
it, I was also thinking about maybe selling copies of it or sections of
it....does any one know if I would get in trouble doing this...I know there
are copyright laws and stuff...but this things a 25 year or so old parts book?
'69 Square
'71 Square (parts)
pair of '68's (parts)

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