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FWD: T-3 -- The Worst Car in the World?

>I have before me an interesting book:
>    Jacobs, Timothy.  Lemons: The World's Worst Cars.  New York: Smithmark
>       Publishers, 1991. 160 p.
>As you can surmise, the helpful Mr. Jacobs identifies the absolute worst cars 
>ever made in the entire world!
>And guess what I see on page 113--- the VW Squareback!
>Aren't you proud to learn that many of you own one of the world's lousiest
>vehicles?  Oh yes, the Fastback is accorded the same honor.
>Oddly enuff, on p 114-115 is a beautiful two-page color photo spread of 
>an early Squareback. Gosh, if I didn't know it was such a rotten piece of junk
>I would think it was might nice looking.
>Well, I am sure that all of you will wish to run right out to your friendly
>neighborhood library and check out this marvel of photojournalism.
>Just wanted to make all of you feel better about your T-3s.

I have this book at home as well.  The sole reason the Squareback is included
is because the author claims it overheats....  No other reason is given.  Some 
large Ford is included because it has a large flat trunk surface that is 
supposed to be prone to rust.  Pretty lame reasons.

However, I can claim I own two of the cars in the book - we also have a BMW 
Isetta, which has a few decent pictures in the book.  But, the section on the 
Isetta really shows the lack of research the author did on the cars he chose.  
He claims the Isetta is steered by the *back wheels*!  He obviously never saw a 
Isetta in person, and it's also very convenient that all the pictures of the 
Isetta in the book have all four wheels pointing straight ahead.

Given these glaring mistakes, I still like the book for the pictures.

('71 Squareback, which doesn't overheat, and '58 BMW Isetta which steers with 
the front wheels)

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