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Re: Leaking Windshields

>From: "T. A. Dapper" <tdapper@value.net>

>Woolston Craig wrote:
>> I just installed a new wheildshield gasket this weekend (just in time for 
rain and snow yesterday) and it is leaking down in the
>> lower left corner.  I sat in the car for awhile and with some paper 
towels deterimined that it is wicking in around the glass.  In other
>> words water is running down the front side of the glass, entering between 
the rubber and glass, making a U turn and spilling out
>> on the inside of the car at the rubber/glass interface.  I am positive 
that the gasket is not leaking at the frame/gasket interface.
>> 1)  I was wondering if other people have had this problem with new gaskets?
>> 2)  If so, did they just RTV it?
>> 3)  Have I done something wrong?

>An old installer's trick is to use a leather punch to cut two or three 
>holes in each corner of the seal, at the bottom of the glass channel.  
>Any water collecting there can then drain to the outside of the car.

I believe on a type III the bottom corners of the windshield form pockets, 
or low points that will hold water.  There are also a couple of holes there 
that lead into the interior that I am guessing were to allow the paint to 
drain from the body.  These are covered by tape at the factory, but might be 
to blame for part of the trouble many of us have.

>I suggest that you be careful with sealant on the gasket, particularly 
>between the body and the rubber.  It is best to only do that along the 
>top and partway down the side pillars.  Please note that VW installed 
>these parts dry.  Leakage usually points to bad parts, or bad 

There are sealants that will not harm the paintwork, but they are not 
commonly available.  VW has one such that I believe I found mentioned in the 
Bentley Manual for the Rabbit/Golf.  I found it good, but expensive.  I'd 
like to understand why the factory installations were good.  Perhaps it is 
just the fact that they were using rubber parts that were new, and hence 
very pliable.  This is one case where a good repro gasket would probably be 
better than an OE part.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
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