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Ending "Typical Type III Squareback problems?"

As Toby Erkson <Toby_Erkson@ccm2.hf.intel.com> wrote:
>This thread has threaded and something happened (???).

Because of the amount of mail, I'm thanking all those who contributed to
this subject through this one mail. Thanks for the input!

I'm signing off for a while (officially we are not allowed to subscribe to a
mailing list and my webmaster started complaining). So if you want to mail
me, do it direct and not via the list. I'll be back in due time.

Rich <nicole.gray@yale.edu> wrote:
>I would definately recommend taking the rear panels out of the car so you
>can see if the wheelwells are still there.  Although I paid next to
>nothing for my Square, I was very surprised when I got it home and pulled
>out the back seat and panels.  There is a two inch wide rust gash that
>runs from the top of the wheelwell outline all the way down to the heater
>channel on both sides. 
>Although these holes were partially visable by looking at the
>joint b/t the fender and body from the outside of the car, it's difficult
>to guage how bad it is from there.  Ditto on the fronts.  When I pulled
>the trunk liner out, I could see daylight through to the wheelwell from
>where the body rusted through b/t the fender and body.

Taking the rear panels out is a good idea, at least easier than having to
take off the fenders themselves.

Alan W. Presley <awpresley@earthlink.net> wrote:
>This is not true for the irs models, you can put a T-4 motor (bolt in no
>cutting) in a T-3 body, but I think that it's a little cost preventive. 
>Have you looked into tha $ for a T-4 motor?!?!?!
>* FI (fuel injested motors) have a LOT more pickup than stock 1600 bug
>motors your used to.  FI doesn't have as much trouble warming up. The
>stock FI systems will accept larger pistons and you won't have to alter
>the FI system, and if your used to modifying the Bug motor, the rest of
>the same HP additions still apply.  I have witnessed an 1835 stock FI
>motor in a type 3, ran great.

Greg Merritt <gregm@engin.umich.edu> wrote:
>	Did the 1835 use injectors from a Type IV?  I am told that even the
>1700cc D-Jet Type IV used injectors with greater flow.  The MPC injection
>can't keep up with engine changes (due to wear and modification) as well as
>more modern systems such as K-Jet (CIS).

Toby Erkson <Toby_Erkson@ccm2.hf.intel.com> wrote:
>I can get 
>information about the D-jetronic and L-jetronic FI systems if someone is 
>having difficulties.  From my understanding of stock FI I would not 
>recommend changing any of the mechanicals on the motor.  If you want a 
>bigger engine with FI then get a stock 1.7L, 1.8L, or 2.0L T4.

If I decide to upgrade the engine, I'll go for a bone stock type 4 engine
with either carbs or FI. It all depends on what I can find. I like the idea
of the 2.0-l. hydraulic Bus block, though.

QUESTION: I suppose the type 3 manual gearbox is be able to handle the power
from a type 4 engine. Or should I fit the type 4 gearbox as well? Will that
whole drive train fit as one unit?

Alan W. Presley" <awpresley@earthlink.net> WROTE:>
>*Hanno, your in the Netherlands, you know this. Keep in mind you have
>about double the cab space to heat.

Maybe adding a type 4 petrol heater helps. I heard it can be fitted above
the tranny (as on the type 4).

Alan W. Presley" <awpresley@earthlink.net>
>The automatics under proper maintenance last
>just as long as manual, an tranny shops can work on them just as well. I
>just don't know how well they take to snow and ice. (I'm in Houston)

I'll have to decide on that too, based on what is available.

Hanno Spoelstra <H.L.Spoelstra@WbMt.TUDelft.NL>
Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

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