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Re: Cold weather hard starting solution?

On 31 Dec 97, Curt Dilday wrote:

>  I have 1-1/2 inch rubber hose coming off the breather, then
> going to a T, then on to the air filters.  Before starting, I pulled
> the hose off the breather, then stuffed the end of my propane torch
> into it, opened it all the way and started the motor without the
> usual 3 pumps on the gas, though I did open the throttle a bit. 
> Betty fired up and reached normal idle in a few seconds, and ran
> smoothly.  After a couple of minutes, I shut off the torch and
> reconnected the breather tube and I was in business.  Before, she
> was idling rough, and sometimes stalling if the air was
> particularily humid.  Not to mention low idle and subsequent low oil
> pressure.  BTW, I did tape off the vent holes on the tip of the
> torch. Question:  I don't think this is harmful to the engine,
> certainly less traumatic than feathering the gas, but hey I don't
> know everything.  Am I doing Bad Things to the motor?

If I understand correctly that you were just bleeding propane in with 
the incoming air, then all you have done is up the fuel/air ratio 
with a fuel that is already vaporized.  I see no harm in this, it's 
just rather awkward to do each time you want to start up.  This is 
probably better on your engine than a choke, but propane is probably 
better all around than gasoline since it will never wash the 
lubrication from your cylinder walls and it burns cleaner.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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