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(Re: Color) & Thanx...

At 11:41 AM 12/31/97 PST, Toby E wrote:
>Go with a more modern coloring since the vehicle will be far from stock.  
>Separate the body and pan when having it painted to the interior metal gets 
>a good coating as well.  I suggest a dark metallic as used on the modern, 
>standard vehicles that are available today such as Hunter green, teal 
>green, or dark blue.  Actually, check out your local Audi or VW dealership 
>and see what colors they have.

Good advice from Toby on the body & pan separation... kinda sucks to spend
$3k on a snazzy poly paint job then find small patches of the old color
peeking out here and there (if it sounds like i'm speaking from
experience... well, it's 'cause I am).

I prefer the "modern" colors, as well, on a non-stock resto, damn spiffy to
see a "new" car with classic body styling (actually had one person who
thought my '72 Sqr was a '97!). You could do what I did when it came time
to choose a color: I drove around town to *all* the new car dealers and
checked out what the colors looked like on a large 3-D object rather than
just a paint chip. Came up with "Ultra Violet Poly" (a deep, bright violet)
from a '95 Mustang. All I can say is... a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Didn't want to add to the "babe-magnet" thread, so I'll just keep it short
and say that women love a bright purple car (and dreads too... heh).

PS - Thanx to everyone for the after-market shifter info... my lovely S.O.
gave me a Scat shifter for x-mas, can't wait to get it installed.

PPS - Toby E.: As soon as I get some new accessories installed i'll
definately scan some photos of the purple beastie for virtual perusal. I'll
use your photo tips too, thanx!

T o M

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