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swaffordvw=> Either i need help or i have to sell it. 

It sounds like you're pretty frustrated with your car, and I can relate 
to that. If you can take a little more time and help us diagnose your 
problem, we can probably help. If the car is actually starting, it seems 
likely that your problem won't be too difficult to find. But your 
description was pretty vague -- is this something that you've asked 
about before? If so, I've forgotten the thread. How about refreshing us 
on the details? 

Start with your year and model, and why you think it's a carb problem. 
What sort of carbs are they, stock, aftermarket? Then we'll need to know 
exactly what you did with the carbs -- did you take them apart? how far? 
how did you clean them? etc. Do you know how to balance them, and do you 
have a balancing tool? Some history of the problem would be good, too: 
when it started, was anything changed in the engine about that time, 
like that. Is your intake system complete -- linkage, springs, balance 
pipe, air cleaner? Do you have a manual? 

It sounds like you're right at the end of your rope, but you'd still 
like to save this project. I for one will try to help if I can, and I'll 
bet there are others here who feel the same way. But we'll need you to 
look closely and be complete if we're to help you figure it out.

In any case, here's your first step, just in case you haven't already 
figured it out: quit buying stuff. A guy with no job should not be 
wasting money on engine parts he doesn't need. Let's see about putting 
that bread where it'll make a difference.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ

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