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Re: A Popularity Contest?

Hey Y'all,

I don't mean to rain on your picnic, but I must say that since I moved here
to Croatia, I get a lot of stares with my '65 Variant alright, but the look
on people's faces consistently expresses a "What in blazes is that stupid
looking old car still doing driving on our roads?!"  Some even laugh.  I
don't know if that is the nouveau riches mentality of this rather young and
somewhat prosperous country where "newer is ALWAYS better" and "if it
doesn't have a GSM phone mounted in it then it ain't worth looking at" are
the mindsets of the masses.  I must add here that beetle owners don't even
wave at each other here as they do in the States or in other parts of
Europe.  Maybe it is due to the flood of 1200j and 1303j bugs produced in
Sarajevo that flooded the streets and still are quite prevalent here.   

Our Square is well-maintained and kept waxed and washed and always shines
when we drive about.  At first, this attitude bothered me (but especially my
wife who even thought it best that we sell it and get a newer car).
However, now I enjoy it ever so much more whenever I see people shaking
their heads in disbelief -- especially since our Square is the ONLY one
running in all of Zagreb.

I must say that the Poles were much different.  No matter where we were
there, people would always stop, ask questions, marvel and state that they
love seeing such nice old cars in such fine shape.  

I still have yet to figure out the Croats.  Not all of them react the way I
mentioned above, but we have yet to meet anyone anywhere here (except some
Germans while camping on the Adriatic coast) who stated that they enjoyed
seeing a T3 roaming the streets.

Regarding the tight jeans....  My jeans are usually tightest right after the
holdays.  I'll see if any women react any differently then from how they do
now.  I doubt it.  What's your secret anyway?  Chocolate eclairs?

Merry Christmas,

'65 1500s Variant (no, not a Porsche Boxster so don't bother looking)
'72 Super Beetle Cabrio (still in the basement, dining room, garage,
bedroom, etc.)          

>Charles E. Whitney wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Was filling up my '67 Square this evening when a most attractive woman
>> walks up to me and starts asking me about my car.  She said she's not
>> into cars but loved mine.  After a few minutes we said our good-byes
>> and
>> I paid for my gas.
>> It seems I get many more unsolicited compliments with my square than I
>> ever did with my bug.
>> QUESTION # 1:  For those of you who like it both ways, or all three
>> ways, multiple Type owners that is, which of your cars garnishes the
>> most unsolicited compliments?  Please take into account condition of
>> your car.  Naturally a cherry car will win over a rust bucket on
>> wheels.
>> QUESTION # 2:   Was it my car, or my tight jeans?
>*   josh curtis                *
>*   home.ptd.net/~joshcurt  *

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